Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Day. Joey's Birthday. Day 8

Today was good and bad all at the same time. The bad first though. We were planning on leaving early in the morning to go see Calen because we were going to be having Joey's birthday party today. Since Joey was having the party today we were pretty sure he was not going to be getting a nap, so we wanted him to sleep for as long as possible so he wouldn't be grumpy for his party. In order to do that we needed our sister to come over and stay at our house while we visited Calen. The plan kinda fell through so we were not able to go to the hospital today. It is the first time Holly hasn't been there but in a way not terrible because she desperately needed the rest. Our parents Harvey and Lynne went to the hospital today and visited him though, so I am glad someone was able to be there for him. I called the nurse to ask how he did and they said that the problem he was having last night with his heart rate dropping he continued to have problems with. They said that babies at his weight really always end up intubated and they feel we are heading that way in a couple days. He just doesn't have the muscles to keep up working so hard to breath and he just might need a break in the near future. So please pray for him to stay strong and continue to breathe on his own, I hate to see him on a ventilator when he has been doing so well, on the other side we were told to be prepared for a roller coaster ride, but we promise we are staying optimistic. Other than that read below to check out his weight, he is doing awesome. 

Do you see what I see? In 1 day Calen has gained 2 oz. He is up to 1.55lbs. He is only 0.5oz away from his birth weight. So please continue to pray for Calen, keep him growing, he is really starting to need the muscles to keep going strong. They were able to once again increase his breast milk infusion, he will be getting 3ml of breast milk every 3 hours now. They were able to shut off his bilirubin light again, but this seems to easily change day by day.

Joey is 2 today. Horray!!! We had a good time at his party and thank you to everyone who made it happen. Holly and I really just couldn't organize it but because we have an amazing family and friend support system it happened. Thanks to our sister Susan for your tremendous help and support. Susan watches Joey so we can go see Calen, she makes dinner, she drives Holly everywhere. She does so much for us, despite the grief we give her we do truly love her and appreciate all that she does for us. Holly's parents for being there for us to watch Joey and to be with Holly as a support system. For helping get everything together to get Joey's party going. The Mears, all three of you girls, you are all so busy yourselves but continue to make time to make sure Joey has a place to go when we need to do something and taking care of Joey's party, and the Wootens, you are such awesome friends, without you guys there are many things we would never accomplish. Everyone one of you have helped us some many times and please know that we are so grateful of that and we will never forget your support. 

Tomorrow (Sunday Feb 20) Holly and I will be at the hospital around 2pm or so. We plan to spend pretty much the entire day there. If you would like to visit with Calen please drop me a message or call me at 937 459 6859 and let us know, we welcome those who would like to visit. Goodnight Everyone. 

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