Sunday, February 13, 2011

Progress Made! Day 2 Coming to a Close!

Day 2 is coming to a close. Mom and Calen both made great progress today. Holly looks 1000 times better today. Her swelling has greatly decreased, her facial redness has faded and she is feeling a lot better. She got her iv fluid's discontinued, she was allowed to eat regular solid food, and she started to pump milk for Calen and that has started off really well as she was already able to get about 3cc pumped today which isn't really a lot of fluid in actual volume but for a baby that is under 2 pounds it can be a complete feeding, and since he has a need for kilocalories, colostrum is very necessary. We progressed through the rest of the day with no real changes to Calen's regimen and they told us tonight that if things stay on tract like they are now in a couple days we can start kangaroo holding him in the room so we are very excited for that day. Holly is hard at work every hour working on the incentive spirometer to keep those lungs open and clear, and it is helping because she spent the last 24 hours on oxygen and that has been removed. Holly is up walking a little bit, sitting in the chair a whole lot more so tomorrow will be a much more active day and I think it will be a day where she actually starts to feel normal again. Susan brought Joey to the hospital tonight to see us, it was great to see him, we are both missing him so much. Holly, Susan, and Alicia went and seen Calen and I stayed with Joey, we sat out in the Rotunda for a while and watched the Grammy's and then ran around the Rotunda circle about 15 times, it was great exercise that I really needed. 

Tonight while Holly, Susan, and Alicia were in the NICU visiting Calen the nurse gave Holly the diapers and pacifier that they are using on Calen. The diaper was about as long as a credit card, it is so tiny. The pacifier they are using are dipped in sucrose solution and they use it for pain control in the babies. I saw Calen try to suck on the pacifier, it is really hard for him to hold it in his mouth but he makes a good effort to do it. 

Breaking News. As I was typing this blog entry Holly was pumping. She ended up with a lot of colostrum this evening we are all very excited that she is able to produce so well for Calen, it should work as a magic drug for him. That should be it for the night, we are winding down preparing for bed. We should be moving to a smaller post partum room tomorrow, not to excited about that but it also means we are that much closer to getting home. Goodnight!

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