Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No News is Good News! Day 12

T-Shirts are in. Shirts are $8 each and we have a small supply of them right now. If you like them please pay via the donate link at the top of the screen. Once you have sent a $8 donation then send me an email to the address that is listed at the top of the screen and let me know that you paid and what sizes you need. If we do not have the size in we will have to order it, I am not handling this process myself, I am not sure how long it will take but I was told that it would not take long to get them in. The shirts say Team Calen on the front, they are white. Let me know how many you would like and we will get them sent out as we can. 

His weight remains steady today. I am really glad to see that. He is back on his breast milk feedings which will start back today at 2pm, he will be resuming the same volume as before 3cc every 3 hours. As I understand it his echocardiogram today showed that his PDA has completely closed after receiving his doses of indomethacin yesterday, praise God for that awesome news. They said he did not have as many "spells" today with his heart rate dropping, that is also awesome, so I am hoping the heart rate drops were associated with the PDA but I really have no idea. No official results on the head/brain ultrasound, but this is why no news is good news, they said that if you don't hear anything right away then there probably isn't anything to worry about. 

Holly had a doctors appointment today as well. Her blood pressure was looking much better now in the office and so we are able to cut her blood pressure medicine in half. She is doing very well, she feels a lot better and she really isn't having much pain anymore either. 

Dad held Calen today. This is only the 2nd time that I have held him, he doesn't really tolerate being on me as much as mom. He really surprised me today because I was able to hold him for a good one and half hours. He temperature was very shaky the entire time but Stephanie (nurse) was keeping plenty of warm blankets on top of him so that he would be able to stay out as long as possible. 

I really was able to relax with Calen today. Normally I am to anxious and can not hold still long enough but today I was able to and that made me very happy. We got so comfortable that Calen fell asleep and I was in and out of sleep. I was feeling so tired when he was lying there. I will not be able to see him until Tuesday this next week. I have to work and then go to Army drill over the weekend, then back to work on Monday. With all that, the blog may suffer some. Holly is really good though at writing stuff down so I can come back and write the updates. That will be the plan while I am away. 

They removed Calen's oxygen gear today so that they could do a skin assessment. They were checking him for breakdown, and problems associated with the plastic laying against his skin, they gave him a head message before they put all his gear back on. We took this picture straight to Meijers after leaving the hospital  and we got a couple prints made of it. We gave one to Joey so that he could actually have something he could look at and learn about his brother and we hope he will make some connection as to why mom and dad are gone all the time.  

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