Saturday, April 2, 2011

Changes with Calen and the Blog!

Sorry it has been a few days and there is plenty to update you all on. The priority change at this point is that I discovered that I have a space limit on the blog, I did not know that, and I have exceeded my 1 GB of free storage space and therefore required to pay for more. I don't like the idea of paying for space on the blog so I moved it. The blog continues without any interruption to

Just click the link to go there or enter the new web address, the only difference is adding the 2 after his name.

All blog entries that were being feed to facebook should continue after I get the RSS feed redirected. Thanks. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Got Pooped On! Day 45!

2 lbs 6.5 ozs

We did it, we have gained 1 complete pound since birth. How exciting is that, celebrate the landmarks. He is still cruising right along. They did what I thought they would do and increased his breast milk feedings up to 20 cc every 3 hours. We are begin practice activities with Calen such as giving him a pacifier as much as possible so that he can start getting interested in drinking for himself. His feeding are going well and they are producing lots of poop. Yesterday while changing his diaper he pooped while I was cleaning him and it wasn't a big deal though it was just poor timing. Today he did it again, 2 times in a row, while trying to put a diaper on him. We are discovering that there is some connection between his bowel's moving and us lifting his legs up, yeah so it was pretty nasty, I never had that problem with Joey and twice with Calen already, the future is looking interesting. 

After being messed with for a sort while today Calen was wide awake once again trying to figure out what's going on. He did get a bit cold this was after we were messing in his isolett for a good long while because he popped on me a couple times. I had to get that gigantic diaper on him to which isn't easy. They had to put his skin probe back on (that would be the gold heart on his chest) he was hot this morning they said, so he had to get that back. He is still in clothes though, just not at this point because they were caught in the cross fire of his earlier event. 

Mom at hospital tomorrow, be back on Thursday. Goodnight!

Clothes! Day 44!

2 lbs 5.25 ounces

Goodevening everyone! We had a very nice time today with Calen. When we walked in and noticed that for the first time Calen was wearing clothes. It was so cute. He starting to maintain his temperature very well so they were able to take his skin probe off and just monitor the temperature of the isolett it's self, by doing that they get to start placing clothes on him. It was a treat, it was so cool to get to see him with something on. 

Mom held him today. She held him for just about 3 hours. We stopped right at 6 so he could get his assessment done and get his bath. He is growing well, really developing steadily. We are still sitting at 19 cc of breast milk every 3 hours, it is still being fortified with kilocalories and the all and all he is absorbing it well. I believe they will be increasing the breast milk intake again here soon, Holly is going to be taking some nutrients to help increase her breast milk productions, the stuff she is going to use the Nurse Practitioner said was fine to take and they said if it wasn't seeming to work that they would give her a prescription for Regalen which apparently stimulates breast milk production. Very interesting so hopefully something works, she is doing decent with the pumping but very soon Calen's intake will out do her output. 

He is starting to smile. We have noticed that he is starting to develop his reflexes. We have seen several reflex smiles out of him, he is also begin to root which is a positive sign he is preparing to be ready for breast feeding or bottle. We are hearing pretty mixed information about when he will actually start breast feeding so we are just waiting day by day until someone comes in and tells us we are starting. He still seems pretty small to start at this point. 

Those eyes of his! He is really at a point where when someone is messing with him or anything that he has those eye's open and looking around. They said that his weekly eye exams are going well with no changes to the Retinopathy of Prematurity but they think by this point in his development he can probably see shadows and areas of high contrast.We think that he can hear us and he can look towards sound.

We gave him a bath today. He got his entire body all washed up today. We changed his outfit and get him all snuggled in the day.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Talking about Moving Again! Day 42!

2 lbs 4 ozs

Goodevening. I have a surprise post. I know I wasn't planning on it but I have some information to put out. 


No weight increases today but no loses either so that is awesome. I told by a fellow nurse that they though the weight loss was due to him losing his edema, and you know what I am pretty sure that is right. His swelling has been decreasing so there is a definite possibility. 

Holly went to the hospital early this morning so that she could go enjoy a wedding this evening. Since she was there early she was able to be there fore medical rounds. The doctor talked with her and told her the purposed plan. Starting tomorrow they plan to start Calen on vitamins, they will continue to increase his kilocalorie amount with fortified breast milk. 

The big news is they are planning to move Calen down to the first floor NICU because he is doing so well. This is awesome, this really gives us a good goal to seek and we are excited to move on with his growing. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

He is Really Awake! Day 41!

2 lbs 4 ozs 

We have been seeing some steady weight drop, anyone know why? We sure don't ecspecially since he has been started on that fortified breast milk. Either way he is still rockin away. They are giving him 19ml breast milk every 3 hours, he last feeding that we were there to see showed that he had ingested all of it with nothing left in his belly. The high flow o2 is still doing the trick for him, he still has a couple heart rate drops but he immediately recovers from them. Mom held him today and he was really awake on her. Moving his head all around and just keeping his eye's open a lot. Eventually he fell asleep and so did Holly and I, we both crashed, something finally woke me up, and I ate some food then woke Holly up just before 6 when the nurse came back in to put him back in the isolett. Almost guarantee no post for the weekend, I work, Holly is going to try to be at the hospital by 9am tomorrow. We have a busy weekend ahead so there just will not be time. See you on Monday. Goodnight. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moved! Day 40!

2 lbs 4 3/4 ozs

Weights been back and fourth last couple of days. He is still holding strong today. He does appear that he is having a few episodes of his heart rate dropping down but for the most part it seems to be positional more than anything. They move his o2 around from 21% to about 25% throughout the day but otherwise it is the same as yesterday. They moved our room, we are officially in 2056 now. He is up to like 19.8 ml of breast milk every 3 hours now, he seems to be tolerating the increased kcal well at this point. 

I decided that I would hold him today. I held him for about 2 hours. He was having some difficulty with his temperature at first but quickly improved when the put the hat on him. It was nice to hold him, the downside was the new room had a broken chair and I couldn't recline. It got pretty uncomfortable pretty fast but I dealt with it, hopefully tomorrow we will having a working chair. 

Back in his isolett after holding him. He let out a big yawn, he was moving a lot when he was on me, so he was probably tired and ready to get some good sleep. 

At this point, no news is good news. We are just hanging out at this point with no real changes and he is doing really well. Hopefully get some time with him tomorrow, unsure at this point I have had some schedule changes. Goodnight. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Surprise! Day 39!

2lbs 5 3/4ozs

So much is happening so quickly and we are more than fortunate to having God and support from our family and friends to help us through all of this. Blood test today were all great. He remains as he was with no IV's or accessories in that department. He continues to be on breast milk through the oral gastric tube (OG) which he continues to tolerate, he is getting 17cc of milk every 3 hours. As of tonight's feed they are starting to fortify the breast milk with a supplement which will increase the kilocalorie(kcal) value of the milk. Normal breast milk is around 20kcal per milliliter of milk, they will start by enhancing it to about 22kcal per milliliter. They will continue to increase it until in about a week as long as he is tolerating to around 28kcal per milliliter. This is to supply a fuel source for him to breathe and grow as fast as he possibly can. I am banking that tomorrow he will be at 2.6lbs and if he is, then we will have officially made it to 1 pound up since birth. According to hospital calculations he is at 32 weeks. I really had no idea that they were considering him to be at this age but that is what they are saying and it is how they are treating him. 

Holly called me and told me when I get to the hospital that there was going to be a surprise and there was. Check out the above picture of Calen and note the new tube in his nose. This is a nasal cannula. He is getting absolutely no positive pressure assistance anymore. He is getting what they call hi flow 02 through this which equates to 3.5 liters of oxygen coming though a machine that mixes it with regular air to give him a 21% oxygen supply and the air is also moistened and warmed before coming to Calen. We do the same setup for adults but just to show you a comparison to size, the typical adult on high flow o2 system would use around 35-40 liters of 02 versus 3.5 liters to obtain the same 21% ratio, amazing the difference. This is so awesome, we found several things exciting about this. 1. He is tolerating it extremely well, he has been problem free all day on it. 2. This places us very close to being move down to the 1st floor NICU which is for less sick babies  and I am hoping the visiting rules are little different and Joey might get to see him, unsure on this though. 3. When we kiss him on the head, we don't have to kiss oxygen mask straps along with it. 

We didn't expect this at all. Holly and I figured he would stay on CPAP for a while before the transition, but here is the quick story on why he arrived to high flow o2. The machine he had in his room was a SiPAP which  was just operating in CPAP mode, well they needed the machine for another baby so they were going to put an actual CPAP machine in his room but the doctor this morning felt it would be better just to start him on high flow o2 and see how he handles it, so they did. So far so good so please pray that his little body can hold out and continue to breath on his own without any machine assistance. 

Holly held him for about 3 hours today. When they were putting him back and started his assessment he became really wide eyed. It was cute he kept his eyes open for sometime and was just moving his head all around. He is building a lot more strength, such as when he is laying on mom or in his isolett he can pick his head completely up off the surface and move it side to side, it is pretty impressive to watch him do it. He is so cute.

During the assessment with his eye's wide open. Nurse coming at him with a thermometer. 

Terrible picture but only to state a event. Tomorrow they are planning to move Calen from his room we have been in since birth and move him down the hall to room 2056. The neighbors babies are no longer there, they transfered the last one on his hall to children's hospital today. So since he has been all the way on the end of the hall they are moving him down closer to the other babies so that the nurse is in a more convenient area to take care of others. 

Holly had her doctors appointment today that was to decide whether or not she needed to remain on blood pressure medications and the answer is NO. Her blood pressure has stayed down in the 120's without medications so she is good to go without. 

Just to update you on Joey. The other night Holly had went in and started to run the bath water for him. We told him to get ready for a bath so he started to take off his clothes and apparently he was becoming to impatient for this as he decided to remove his shirt and shoes and then go ahead and get in the tube. Ahhh the joys of toddlers. 

I will be at the hospital Thursday and Friday so I should updating those days. 

Thanks and Goodnight. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rest and Grow! Day 36!

2 lbs 5 ozs

We are continuing to see steady weight increases. His breast milk infusions are being tolerated really well. His bowels have been moving well and is having regular bowel movements which are all great signs of a good and working gastrointestinal system. 

Calen doing some resting when we came in. He is very quite and peaceful. We are so incredibly thankful that he is doing so well. At this point he is no longer receiving any assisted ventilations from the SiPAP, he has no IV's or PICC lines, he is tolerating breast milk like a champ, he is growing, he is truly making waves at this point. 

 Nice close-up of the little man.

Eye's wide open. Once he was on mom today he started opening his eyes a lot. He finally settled down and went to sleep and stopped but at first he was really opening up for us. I really like it when he open's up his eyes. 

Well we are completely off all TPN and Lipids and strictly on breast milk. He remains today at 13.8 ml every 3 hours with a plan to increase to 14 something later tonight. He did have a IV placed a few days ago in order to give him blood, they gave him 2 transfusion's so hopefully that will easily sustain him. After they resumed his feedings, he did have some spit up and his belly was distended some so they held his feedings for a few hours and then resumed them at the 13.8 ml. It is so nice to see him in there without any IV's or anything in, it really frees him up. 

There is brilliant silence in Calen's room today that we were not expecting and it was awesome news, they were no longer giving Calen any ventilatory support on the SiPAP, the machine was simply functioning as a CPAP. Hopefully in the next couple days he will be able to actually go onto the CPAP, how awesome is that. He did have some redness on his nose which was being created by the nasal prongs rubbing his nose, they took them out for a few hours to give his nose a break and have since reinserted them. 

Last week there was really cute linens on his isolett, they changed his isolett linen again recently and it is so drab but I suppose that is ok, but you know people just prefer cute stuff. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Blood, New IV! Day 33!

2lbs 4ozs

Just mom made it to the hospital today. Normally when I am at work she and her sister go together. Her sister became sick around 4:30 this morning and she was unable to join in the ride to the hospital. Mom stayed for a good while, holding him and was there for 2 assessments today. I may be sick, unsure. I think I might have to go to the doctor tomorrow which will require taking some time off work so I don't know yet. I think I have strep, probably picked it up from Joey. I have had a sore throat which has gotten worse and my voice is getting softer and softer. I don't think this is something I would normally deal with, at least not till it got really bad, but with Calen I have to, if I am sick I can not see him or I put him at risk of becoming sick and mom and then nobody will be there for him , geesh, complicated stuff. Better just go to the doctor.

Calen blood work today showed a decreased hemoglobin and hematocrit so that means another blood transition in the morning. With every blood transfusion comes a NPO (nothing per oral) status and there for his breast milk is back on hold. There is another problem related to this and that is they removed his PICC line just today. So they have had to restart an IV in his arm today and restart his TPN and Lipids until after the transfusion is in tomorrow.

Holly said that Calen is starting to make so much more noise. When he used to be irritated he wouldn't really respond to it, maybe move his arms around or something. Now when he is irritated he cries out. All that crying is so good, he is growing and he is expanding those lungs.

Yesterday they removed the prongs from his nose to give his nostrils a rest and just had a mask over his nose on the SiPAP. It did not work so well for him through the night, apparently the pressure was actually causing some nose collapse and therefore restricting his airway, so they had to replace the nasal prongs this morning. In the all and all, he is maintaining most of the time on 21% oxygen on the SiPAP, so I am predicting that they will attempt lesser respiratory support such as a CPAP next week, don't know just guessing. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Much Changing! It's actually day 32! I Apparently Lost Count!

2lbs 3ounces

We are back on line everybody. Wow it feels like it has been forever since I have been able to post. Lots of news to bring to you guys so be ready for a long read. The weight chart, is an issue of it's own. I never realized that my graph was going to be problematic till Calen hit 2 pounds. We then noticed that the graph was not interpreting my data as pounds and ounces and therefore didn't deal well with the number 2 being plugged in there. I worked a couple days on the best solution to this and above is my solution. His weight will now be written in the graph in ounces only. This way the line graph actually trends right. I will place in bold right below the chart (as shown) his weight in pounds and ounces for simple viewing.

Calen remains on the SiPAP for his breathing. He has been on this for well over a week now and has tolerated it very well. There has been no talk recently about changing his oxygen supply but I am really hoping that soon they will. I would love to see him down to just the CPAP again till 32 weeks, and the CPAP is much quieter than the SiPAP (it's a pretty noisy machine). 

Once a week starting yesterday a ophthalmologist comes in and see's Calen. They dilate his eye's and they examine his retina to check for the extent of a known problem called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). It is staged in 4 categories, 1-2 meaning no intervention required 3-4 intervention such as laser surgery to stop the swelling of the retina may be needed. He ranked a 2 on his first check. They will come back every week until his eye's have matured or he goes home. ROP normally presents no long term problems, blindness is extremely rare. He may have to have corrective lenses or do eye exercises later on to correct abnormalities that have occurred due to prematurity. 

Calen is still experiencing some generalized edema. The doctors are all aware that he is swelling up some but at this time are preferring to not treat it and see if it will decrease on it's own. Since last week when he had his last blood transfusion he did have some lasix then to help pull fluid off but none since then. In the all in all it really isn't to bad and it should be fine. 

This is Calen's IV pump that has been supplying him with his TPN and Lipids. These have been essential since birth in order to provide him with enough fat and nutrients to live off of. He has been on a amazing increase on his breast milk feedings. Today we are giving him 13.8ml of breast milk every 3 hours. This is a lot, he is well over 100cc in a 24 hour period and therefore the goal for the day will be to ensure that he is tolerating and absorbing all of it and then it will be time to stop his TPN and Lipids. Once the TPN and Lipids are stopped they can remove his PICC line from his ankle. This is such amazing progress and it has all happened so quickly. 

Look at all that breast milk he is getting. It does mean one other big thing and that is mommy has a lot of work to do to make sure he has enough milk to meet this demand. 

Calen is growing so much. We can see it in him everyday. He is starting to look more like a baby (he looks just like Joey did as an infant), his skin is becoming opaque and he moves around  a lot. He was sucking on his thumb when mom was holding him here. His skin color is improving, it is becoming much less red as it was before. He is also becoming noisier, we hear him cry out a lot more, so he is growing and moving towards the life of a normal newborn. He is still being held every single day by mom. She has been holding him up to 4 hours lately. It's definitely the highlight of her day and I am sure his as well.

As seen on facebook, Joey has made the transition to a toddler bed. We have had the bed since last summer, picked it up off Craig's list. He has a fire truck themed room and so this was of course needed. We were truly dreading this because we didn't think that he would sleep at all for a while, but the very first night he slept without a problems, and the next night still no problems. It was instant success, we couldn't believe it but were very happy that he took to it so easily. Joey is still on antibiotics that he has been taking for the strep throat that once again we are thankful that he has had no symptoms associated with being sick. 

I have been working the last couple nights putting up the wall in the extra room that will be Calen's when he comes home. Be glad to get that done as soon as possible. Tonight there will be dry wall up and the door will be in so just have to get the dry wall mudded and pained, trim it all around and then start painting the inside of the room, and putting the crib back together. Fun stuff. 

We covered Calen up today with a blanket that was given to us by Aunt Jan. He might like the soft blanket versus the hospital blankets which are kinda rough. Be preparted for more blog downtime. I go back to work Thursday and Friday and have to work on the wall when I get home at 8pm. Then gone Saturday and Sunday to Army stuff, then back to Work the next Monday and Tuesday. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Been a Whole Month! Weight Changes! Day 24, 25, 26, 27!

Calen is 1 month old today.

Good evening everyone.  I am so sorry for the decrease in blogging, I have been super busy and just have not been at the hospital. Holly has been going there so we have all the updates. I am not posting a weight chart today, excel and I are not getting along and I just realized that it does not understand I want to display lbs/ounces and I have not figured out how to fix it.

On the lighter note (well heavier actually )

Calen weighs 2lbs. 

We are very excited to see this increase and it is definitely a sign that he is doing awesome and that everything is working in his little body. He is still on SiPAP and tolerating it really well. His feeding continues and he is up to 7.4ml every 3 hours. All this increase is allowing them to back down his TPN and Lipids, so because of all of your prayers and thoughts, he will sooner than we know be just taking breast milk.

Congratulations to our brother and sister David and Ashley who just had there second child. Welcome to the family Haddie Nichole Gilpin. 

I will be back to the hospital on Monday, hopefully on Monday I will have a more significant and picture focused blog post since I have been slacken lately.  

I want to thank all of you who have been frequent readers of this blog. It truly means a lot to us knowing that so many people know our story and bring us your prayers and thoughts, it really has made this journey tolerable and comforting. There are so many people to thank at this point. We have received so many words of support, many gifts that have been food, gas cards, and finical support, babysitting for Joey and all of this we never expected to receive and never really asked for but our friends, family, and complete strangers have helped us in all these ways. We again cannot express the gratitude needed for your gifts, we are using these to help us through this journey and to prepare for the day when Calen will come home to us.

Most likely there will be no post for Sunday, so I will talk to you all on Monday.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 24

Calen's weight is stable today. He actually lost about 10 grams but for all practical purpose there is no real change. He is receiving 6cc of breast milk every 3 hours now. This started today and he seems to be tolerating well, they are giving him that 6cc right now as we speak. They are going to assess him and then I will be holding him today. This will be my third time and how long he will be out will just depend on how long he is able to hold temperature. He continues on the SiPAP and is still tolerating that really well, he does require a lot of suctioning to keep his airway clear but as long as they do that, he is really stable. 

Holly had a doctors appointment today. It was really just to check her blood pressure. Her pressure was 118/80 so they are once again decreasing her blood pressure medications down to twice a day and then we will check it again in 2 weeks. We are going to reduce down to once a day in 1 week and then not take it at all the day of her appointment to see if her blood pressure is fine then, if it is we can stop taking it all together.

Calen this afternoon when we first got to his room. He still has a lot of dependent edema. The swelling started in his legs and is now moving all over, I believe this is still normal, normal for swelling anyhow. They said that his swelling is in which ever area is the lowest, elevate his legs, upper body swelling, and then so on and so forth. With all hope and prayer he will just start loosing the swelling and we don't have to worry about it 

Dad held Calen today. Only my third time holding him. I am making waves though I was able to hold him for about 2 hours and his temperature actually went up and not down and we didn't need 15 million extra blankets. It was enjoyable, I think Calen liked it too. He sneezed like 5 times though, hope he is not allergic to me that would be bad!!!

Holly captured this nice candid shot of me and Calen. I really liked it, she did a great job. 

About every 14 days they do an isolette change in the Calen's room. Once they bring in a new isolette they swap everything out. They get new bulb syringes, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, tape measure, tubes, and suction, all nice new stuff. I really like his new isolette it has a different outside cover, picture will be up tomorrow. 

I wanted to post this picture yesterday but I forgot to. We were very tired, Holly was falling asleep with Calen, I was falling asleep, and then I have no idea who took the picture. It is kinda hard to sleep there though, I have a tiny couch I do not fit on length or width wise, I had to add a rolling chair to hold my feet. 

Joey has his 2 year appointment tomorrow so we will get to the hospital late and we will have Joey so it will limit the time we stay at the hospital. Goodnight all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to the Good Side of the Roller Coaster! Day 22 and 23!

TEE SHIRT ORDERS! I will be sending out for an order of the shirts. If you want some please let me know. They are $8 each. Send me an email if you want one. Thanks.
I am sorry that I am a couple days behind on posting. I am here to tell you if I work, I really don't have it in me to sit down and get a post together. So I will be more than happy to catch you all up today. Weight chart above is unbelievable. Just 3 more ounces and he will be at 2 POUNDS. Just the thought of the number 2 is so exciting, it is a true sign of improvement. Every time we look at him though, we can tell that he is getting bigger and his skin is starting to get smoother and his color is much more natural. Calen is up to 5.2ml of breast milk feedings every 3 hours running though the OG tube, he is absorbing it well and he is having significant weight increases because of this. They have started to decrease his IV TPN and lipids also, so with all prayers he will be off TPN and lipids in about another week. He has to be getting 80ml of breast milk in a 24 hour period in order to shut off the TPN and lipids. 

Yesterday March 7, this was Calen's last day on the ventilator. They decided that they would extubate him and put him on the CPAP and see how he did. After correcting his ET tube the other day he did really well over a full 24 hour period making it seem that he didn't really need it. 

So here we are on March 7 with the CPAP on. He went for about 3 hours on the CPAP. The first hour went well, the second hour he experienced a multitude of apenic spells and heart rate drops, he was doing a really good job of bringing his heart rate back up on his own though. It seems as though the 2nd hour was so hard on him that he was to tired come hour number 3. So the 3rd hour he had less spells but he was struggling much more to recover from them. 

They decided to place him on the SiPAP. This is what he was on before they decided to put him on the vent a couple weeks ago, but since he has been on it, he has not had any problems. We are really happy that he is tolerating being off the ventilator now and we ask you all to pray that he is able to stay off. 

This was during his transition phase. They had both machines in the room as they were deciding which machine was going to be the most appropriate for him. 

If you look at this picture, he is a weird position. His legs are all elevated. He started getting some swelling in his legs and honestly in this picture I can see the swelling in his leg. Yesterday the swelling was pitting edema (you could push on it with your finger and it would leave an imprint). They decreased his overall amount of IV fluids and are decreasing the sodium in his TPN to help him get rid of the excess fluid. His chest x-rays have been clear, not showing any fluid on the lungs. They said that this can be normal in prematurity and sometimes has to be treated with diuretics (medicine that helps get rid of excess fluid). Elevating his legs have helped drain the fluid out of his legs and they are also giving him 5 minute leg massages with each assessment to help decrease the fluid in his legs. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving Quicker than we Thought! Day 22

Sorry no pictures tonight, the site is working very slowly and my images are not showing up correctly. His weight is still rising, he is at 1lb 10oz today. Holly held him again for about 3 hours. They have him at 3cc every 3 hours of feedings and is tolerating really well. His breathing has been great and we thought it was going to be another week before they would attempt removing his breathing tube but they are doing it TOMORROW. They started him on caffeine again today to prepare him, so pray all morning for a successful extubation. Goodnight!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rough Start! He is 3 Weeks Old! Day 21!

Weight looking good, he is up a few grams today. Feedings are still going they have increased him from 1cc every 3 hours to 2cc every 3 hours. Holly and I are both with him today, Joey was supposed to be going to jumpies today so I am sure he will be excited about that. We got to Calen really early today, much earlier than we ever have. We got here at 9:30 this morning. We got up early so that we could go to Wright Patterson Airforce Base in order to add Calen to my military dependents. I have been to the facility that does this stuff twice and both times I have waited like 5 hours because the place is always really busy. They are open from 9am till 1pm one saturday a month and this was that saturday. We left early so we could get there early enough to get in line so we didn't have to wait forever. We got there 30 minutes early, and then they let us in the building earlier than 9 and then got Calen added to the system really quick and I was back on the road at 8:59 this morning, I was completely done before the placed was supposed to open. So if anybody wonders why my facebook say's I love the Airforce that is why!!

Upon arrival Calen was laying on his side in the incubator doing all the things he is supposed to be doing. Wasn't a few minutes after that his alarms started going of because his blood oxygen levels were dropping and then his heart rate started dropping and there was nothing stopping it, he just kept declining, normal he comes back around with some encouragement or manual bagging, but nothing was working. They called in the Respiratory Therapist (the ladies in green) they decided to pull out his intubation tube thinking that it had come dislodged, turned out it was full of mucus and it had finally fully closed off the tube from air passing through it. There is really no way of knowing this without pulling the tube so it was great that they did. 

They quickly got a new tube placed and then confirmed it's placement (the nurses listening for equal breathe sounds) the RT continued bagging him to catch up his breathing, he went without much oxygen for probably 2 minutes, I mean by the time they had the new tube in he was down to like 19%. I definitely cannot say enough about them, they worked so well together, everybody was calm and they had him all fixed up in no time. 

After the new tube was in, they suctioned him out with a french catheter to get way down towards those lungs and clean his airway out. After that he was of course in a really bad mood, they got him all settled back into the incubator and tucked him all in so he could rest and warm up as he had lost a few degrees in the process of being out in the open. 

Here he is with the new ET tube in place and him breathing a whole lot better. I almost think this event was good. He has been having a lot of breathing trouble even since he has been on the vent and they couldn't really tell why, well it could have been because he was working off the reduced work flow of the vent because his tube was clogging up. Since the new one has been in, he hasn't had to may issues with breathing or heart rate drops so hopefully he will start coming back around this next week and they can take the tube out . 

 They had to shoot a quick xray to confirm the placement of the new ET tube. We had to leave for a bit while they did this. 

The doctor came in today during medical rounds and talked to us. We asked about the blood cultures and the antibiotics and he said at this point that they have had no growth on the blood cultures which is good, they continued his antibiotics due to not really knowing if he was infected or not , he has 3 more days to go on the 7 day regimen so they said they would just finish them. There is talk that they might try to extubate him this coming week and get him back on the SiPAP or CPAP but there is still a lot of uncertainty in that. For the time being I hope all together with the tube changed and the antibiotics working at there peak that we start seeing some large improvements. 

Really happy that he is stable enough to be held again. Holly is doing really well, she has been holding him for almost 3 hours now. She had to skip lunch to do that but she was more than willing. They tried something a little different today. Normally the nurse just opens the side of the incubator and pulls Calen out and places him on Holly, the nurse today raised the top of the incubator up and dropped the sides and then just let Holly pick him up and then sit down. It was much better, they didn't have to unplug a bunch of hoses and he rested a little better on Holly since she got to arrange him while standing up.  

Altogether a decent day. I am slightly upset in that I had my heart set on a Big Mac Extra Value Meal for lunch before I miss out on the $3 deal but since we got here so early, we didn't get to pick up lunch prior to coming. Oh well maybe another day! Hope everyone has a good rest of the day, is it still raining?