Friday, March 25, 2011

He is Really Awake! Day 41!

2 lbs 4 ozs 

We have been seeing some steady weight drop, anyone know why? We sure don't ecspecially since he has been started on that fortified breast milk. Either way he is still rockin away. They are giving him 19ml breast milk every 3 hours, he last feeding that we were there to see showed that he had ingested all of it with nothing left in his belly. The high flow o2 is still doing the trick for him, he still has a couple heart rate drops but he immediately recovers from them. Mom held him today and he was really awake on her. Moving his head all around and just keeping his eye's open a lot. Eventually he fell asleep and so did Holly and I, we both crashed, something finally woke me up, and I ate some food then woke Holly up just before 6 when the nurse came back in to put him back in the isolett. Almost guarantee no post for the weekend, I work, Holly is going to try to be at the hospital by 9am tomorrow. We have a busy weekend ahead so there just will not be time. See you on Monday. Goodnight. 

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