Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paperwork! Day 18!

We just arrived here at the hospital. It's 2:00pm. Calen's nurse said he was having trouble absorbing his breast milk feedings last night. He wasn't really absorbing any of it, so they stopped it for a few hours and plan to do it again here in a little bit to give his stomach some time to prepare. He was at 5cc of breast milk every 3 hours and they are dropping him back down to 1cc every 3 hours. So they may have to increase him from 1cc and back up the chain again, we will just have to see. 

The subject is paperwork. They seems to be dumping tons of papers on us from every outside agency out there. Stuff I wasn't expecting, so today before we came we spent sometime getting all those sheets filled out and making some appointments in the near future to work out his social security and things of that nature. 

So new and surprising information to us was that we can hold Calen when he is intubated. Thanks to nurse Bridgette for letting us in on this secret because none of the other nurses offered this to us, so we are super happy that we got the chance to hold him. It was not for a short time either, Holly just held him for about two and half hours and he did great. They just put him back in the isolette and they disconnected the vent for a short time and he really struggled for a time getting his heart rate up and breathing adequately, the respiratory therapist bagged him for a minute until he caught up and they was able to place him back on the vent and he stabilized. I am thinking he was just angry because he wasn't being held anymore.

They did recheck his absorption of the 1cc of breast milk that he was given and they still drew out 1cc, they really think that it is a lot of mucus rather than breast milk but I don't really know. They nurse practitioner said that they can continue to feed him as long as they are not drawing out more than they they are giving him, so we shall see how he does over the next day or so. 

We close on another day. This room we are in is small, there is just enough seating for a few of us. We have nothing to do but look at him, hang out, and for me play on the internet for a while, and some how times still manages to fly by. I am really not sure how that works, but it amazingly does. I think I will be back to the hospital tomorrow, I am working tomorrow but not all day so probably be here in the evening. Goodnight!

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