Friday, March 4, 2011

The Waiting Room! Day 19 and 20!

Calen's weight is looking pretty good, we have broke into a new tenth place digit today. He is on his breast milk feedings now, he is still receiving 1cc of breast milk every 3 hours which is improving because he is only leaving a small part of that 1cc in his belly when they aspirate it out. We are unsure if we will see any increases tomorrow but I kinda hope so, need some progress back here please. 

Calen is a fighter, he really is and God has given us so much to be thankful for. Although the past few days have been tough because Calen is going through so many problems, but we know he will get through them. They made an effort to decrease his assisted ventilations on his ventilator to give him more chances to breath on his own today, it didn't work out so well. His blood test were coming back very poor so they had to return the ventilator settings to where they were, giving him 40 breaths a minute. No new signs of infection, although they didn't even draw a blood count today to look, but from what I now so far, his blood cultures are negative for bacteria. So with any luck in just a couple day's he will be doing better and be pulled off the antibiotics and start seeing some breathing improvement. 

One of the nurses holding onto Calen's head. So he had a PICC line in his left arm. It has been there for a while and they have had no issues with it. They use it around the clock to give him TPN and lipids. Some how the PICC became dislodged and was working up towards his head instead of his heart where it is supposed to be. They needed to reinsert a new one which they did today, the problem was it took them 4 attempts to get it in. They apparently had him all hoped up on pain medications and several people made attempts until they had success. The new one is inserted in his ankle. During all the attempts Holly and Susan had to stay out in the waiting room. So each attempt takes like 1 to 1.5 hours each time, so the time really adds up that they spent out in the waiting room. 

There he is all all sprawled out. Well back to sleep for me. I have to get up early on Saturday because I have to go get Calen registered onto my military stuff so that he officially falls under our insurance, which would probably be a really good idea. We will be back at the hospital tomorrow afternoon.

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