Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rest and Grow! Day 36!

2 lbs 5 ozs

We are continuing to see steady weight increases. His breast milk infusions are being tolerated really well. His bowels have been moving well and is having regular bowel movements which are all great signs of a good and working gastrointestinal system. 

Calen doing some resting when we came in. He is very quite and peaceful. We are so incredibly thankful that he is doing so well. At this point he is no longer receiving any assisted ventilations from the SiPAP, he has no IV's or PICC lines, he is tolerating breast milk like a champ, he is growing, he is truly making waves at this point. 

 Nice close-up of the little man.

Eye's wide open. Once he was on mom today he started opening his eyes a lot. He finally settled down and went to sleep and stopped but at first he was really opening up for us. I really like it when he open's up his eyes. 

Well we are completely off all TPN and Lipids and strictly on breast milk. He remains today at 13.8 ml every 3 hours with a plan to increase to 14 something later tonight. He did have a IV placed a few days ago in order to give him blood, they gave him 2 transfusion's so hopefully that will easily sustain him. After they resumed his feedings, he did have some spit up and his belly was distended some so they held his feedings for a few hours and then resumed them at the 13.8 ml. It is so nice to see him in there without any IV's or anything in, it really frees him up. 

There is brilliant silence in Calen's room today that we were not expecting and it was awesome news, they were no longer giving Calen any ventilatory support on the SiPAP, the machine was simply functioning as a CPAP. Hopefully in the next couple days he will be able to actually go onto the CPAP, how awesome is that. He did have some redness on his nose which was being created by the nasal prongs rubbing his nose, they took them out for a few hours to give his nose a break and have since reinserted them. 

Last week there was really cute linens on his isolett, they changed his isolett linen again recently and it is so drab but I suppose that is ok, but you know people just prefer cute stuff. 

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