Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 24

Calen's weight is stable today. He actually lost about 10 grams but for all practical purpose there is no real change. He is receiving 6cc of breast milk every 3 hours now. This started today and he seems to be tolerating well, they are giving him that 6cc right now as we speak. They are going to assess him and then I will be holding him today. This will be my third time and how long he will be out will just depend on how long he is able to hold temperature. He continues on the SiPAP and is still tolerating that really well, he does require a lot of suctioning to keep his airway clear but as long as they do that, he is really stable. 

Holly had a doctors appointment today. It was really just to check her blood pressure. Her pressure was 118/80 so they are once again decreasing her blood pressure medications down to twice a day and then we will check it again in 2 weeks. We are going to reduce down to once a day in 1 week and then not take it at all the day of her appointment to see if her blood pressure is fine then, if it is we can stop taking it all together.

Calen this afternoon when we first got to his room. He still has a lot of dependent edema. The swelling started in his legs and is now moving all over, I believe this is still normal, normal for swelling anyhow. They said that his swelling is in which ever area is the lowest, elevate his legs, upper body swelling, and then so on and so forth. With all hope and prayer he will just start loosing the swelling and we don't have to worry about it 

Dad held Calen today. Only my third time holding him. I am making waves though I was able to hold him for about 2 hours and his temperature actually went up and not down and we didn't need 15 million extra blankets. It was enjoyable, I think Calen liked it too. He sneezed like 5 times though, hope he is not allergic to me that would be bad!!!

Holly captured this nice candid shot of me and Calen. I really liked it, she did a great job. 

About every 14 days they do an isolette change in the Calen's room. Once they bring in a new isolette they swap everything out. They get new bulb syringes, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, tape measure, tubes, and suction, all nice new stuff. I really like his new isolette it has a different outside cover, picture will be up tomorrow. 

I wanted to post this picture yesterday but I forgot to. We were very tired, Holly was falling asleep with Calen, I was falling asleep, and then I have no idea who took the picture. It is kinda hard to sleep there though, I have a tiny couch I do not fit on length or width wise, I had to add a rolling chair to hold my feet. 

Joey has his 2 year appointment tomorrow so we will get to the hospital late and we will have Joey so it will limit the time we stay at the hospital. Goodnight all!

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