Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rough Start! He is 3 Weeks Old! Day 21!

Weight looking good, he is up a few grams today. Feedings are still going they have increased him from 1cc every 3 hours to 2cc every 3 hours. Holly and I are both with him today, Joey was supposed to be going to jumpies today so I am sure he will be excited about that. We got to Calen really early today, much earlier than we ever have. We got here at 9:30 this morning. We got up early so that we could go to Wright Patterson Airforce Base in order to add Calen to my military dependents. I have been to the facility that does this stuff twice and both times I have waited like 5 hours because the place is always really busy. They are open from 9am till 1pm one saturday a month and this was that saturday. We left early so we could get there early enough to get in line so we didn't have to wait forever. We got there 30 minutes early, and then they let us in the building earlier than 9 and then got Calen added to the system really quick and I was back on the road at 8:59 this morning, I was completely done before the placed was supposed to open. So if anybody wonders why my facebook say's I love the Airforce that is why!!

Upon arrival Calen was laying on his side in the incubator doing all the things he is supposed to be doing. Wasn't a few minutes after that his alarms started going of because his blood oxygen levels were dropping and then his heart rate started dropping and there was nothing stopping it, he just kept declining, normal he comes back around with some encouragement or manual bagging, but nothing was working. They called in the Respiratory Therapist (the ladies in green) they decided to pull out his intubation tube thinking that it had come dislodged, turned out it was full of mucus and it had finally fully closed off the tube from air passing through it. There is really no way of knowing this without pulling the tube so it was great that they did. 

They quickly got a new tube placed and then confirmed it's placement (the nurses listening for equal breathe sounds) the RT continued bagging him to catch up his breathing, he went without much oxygen for probably 2 minutes, I mean by the time they had the new tube in he was down to like 19%. I definitely cannot say enough about them, they worked so well together, everybody was calm and they had him all fixed up in no time. 

After the new tube was in, they suctioned him out with a french catheter to get way down towards those lungs and clean his airway out. After that he was of course in a really bad mood, they got him all settled back into the incubator and tucked him all in so he could rest and warm up as he had lost a few degrees in the process of being out in the open. 

Here he is with the new ET tube in place and him breathing a whole lot better. I almost think this event was good. He has been having a lot of breathing trouble even since he has been on the vent and they couldn't really tell why, well it could have been because he was working off the reduced work flow of the vent because his tube was clogging up. Since the new one has been in, he hasn't had to may issues with breathing or heart rate drops so hopefully he will start coming back around this next week and they can take the tube out . 

 They had to shoot a quick xray to confirm the placement of the new ET tube. We had to leave for a bit while they did this. 

The doctor came in today during medical rounds and talked to us. We asked about the blood cultures and the antibiotics and he said at this point that they have had no growth on the blood cultures which is good, they continued his antibiotics due to not really knowing if he was infected or not , he has 3 more days to go on the 7 day regimen so they said they would just finish them. There is talk that they might try to extubate him this coming week and get him back on the SiPAP or CPAP but there is still a lot of uncertainty in that. For the time being I hope all together with the tube changed and the antibiotics working at there peak that we start seeing some large improvements. 

Really happy that he is stable enough to be held again. Holly is doing really well, she has been holding him for almost 3 hours now. She had to skip lunch to do that but she was more than willing. They tried something a little different today. Normally the nurse just opens the side of the incubator and pulls Calen out and places him on Holly, the nurse today raised the top of the incubator up and dropped the sides and then just let Holly pick him up and then sit down. It was much better, they didn't have to unplug a bunch of hoses and he rested a little better on Holly since she got to arrange him while standing up.  

Altogether a decent day. I am slightly upset in that I had my heart set on a Big Mac Extra Value Meal for lunch before I miss out on the $3 deal but since we got here so early, we didn't get to pick up lunch prior to coming. Oh well maybe another day! Hope everyone has a good rest of the day, is it still raining? 

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