Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clothes! Day 44!

2 lbs 5.25 ounces

Goodevening everyone! We had a very nice time today with Calen. When we walked in and noticed that for the first time Calen was wearing clothes. It was so cute. He starting to maintain his temperature very well so they were able to take his skin probe off and just monitor the temperature of the isolett it's self, by doing that they get to start placing clothes on him. It was a treat, it was so cool to get to see him with something on. 

Mom held him today. She held him for just about 3 hours. We stopped right at 6 so he could get his assessment done and get his bath. He is growing well, really developing steadily. We are still sitting at 19 cc of breast milk every 3 hours, it is still being fortified with kilocalories and the all and all he is absorbing it well. I believe they will be increasing the breast milk intake again here soon, Holly is going to be taking some nutrients to help increase her breast milk productions, the stuff she is going to use the Nurse Practitioner said was fine to take and they said if it wasn't seeming to work that they would give her a prescription for Regalen which apparently stimulates breast milk production. Very interesting so hopefully something works, she is doing decent with the pumping but very soon Calen's intake will out do her output. 

He is starting to smile. We have noticed that he is starting to develop his reflexes. We have seen several reflex smiles out of him, he is also begin to root which is a positive sign he is preparing to be ready for breast feeding or bottle. We are hearing pretty mixed information about when he will actually start breast feeding so we are just waiting day by day until someone comes in and tells us we are starting. He still seems pretty small to start at this point. 

Those eyes of his! He is really at a point where when someone is messing with him or anything that he has those eye's open and looking around. They said that his weekly eye exams are going well with no changes to the Retinopathy of Prematurity but they think by this point in his development he can probably see shadows and areas of high contrast.We think that he can hear us and he can look towards sound.

We gave him a bath today. He got his entire body all washed up today. We changed his outfit and get him all snuggled in the day.

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