Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Got Pooped On! Day 45!

2 lbs 6.5 ozs

We did it, we have gained 1 complete pound since birth. How exciting is that, celebrate the landmarks. He is still cruising right along. They did what I thought they would do and increased his breast milk feedings up to 20 cc every 3 hours. We are begin practice activities with Calen such as giving him a pacifier as much as possible so that he can start getting interested in drinking for himself. His feeding are going well and they are producing lots of poop. Yesterday while changing his diaper he pooped while I was cleaning him and it wasn't a big deal though it was just poor timing. Today he did it again, 2 times in a row, while trying to put a diaper on him. We are discovering that there is some connection between his bowel's moving and us lifting his legs up, yeah so it was pretty nasty, I never had that problem with Joey and twice with Calen already, the future is looking interesting. 

After being messed with for a sort while today Calen was wide awake once again trying to figure out what's going on. He did get a bit cold this was after we were messing in his isolett for a good long while because he popped on me a couple times. I had to get that gigantic diaper on him to which isn't easy. They had to put his skin probe back on (that would be the gold heart on his chest) he was hot this morning they said, so he had to get that back. He is still in clothes though, just not at this point because they were caught in the cross fire of his earlier event. 

Mom at hospital tomorrow, be back on Thursday. Goodnight!

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