Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Blood, New IV! Day 33!

2lbs 4ozs

Just mom made it to the hospital today. Normally when I am at work she and her sister go together. Her sister became sick around 4:30 this morning and she was unable to join in the ride to the hospital. Mom stayed for a good while, holding him and was there for 2 assessments today. I may be sick, unsure. I think I might have to go to the doctor tomorrow which will require taking some time off work so I don't know yet. I think I have strep, probably picked it up from Joey. I have had a sore throat which has gotten worse and my voice is getting softer and softer. I don't think this is something I would normally deal with, at least not till it got really bad, but with Calen I have to, if I am sick I can not see him or I put him at risk of becoming sick and mom and then nobody will be there for him , geesh, complicated stuff. Better just go to the doctor.

Calen blood work today showed a decreased hemoglobin and hematocrit so that means another blood transition in the morning. With every blood transfusion comes a NPO (nothing per oral) status and there for his breast milk is back on hold. There is another problem related to this and that is they removed his PICC line just today. So they have had to restart an IV in his arm today and restart his TPN and Lipids until after the transfusion is in tomorrow.

Holly said that Calen is starting to make so much more noise. When he used to be irritated he wouldn't really respond to it, maybe move his arms around or something. Now when he is irritated he cries out. All that crying is so good, he is growing and he is expanding those lungs.

Yesterday they removed the prongs from his nose to give his nostrils a rest and just had a mask over his nose on the SiPAP. It did not work so well for him through the night, apparently the pressure was actually causing some nose collapse and therefore restricting his airway, so they had to replace the nasal prongs this morning. In the all and all, he is maintaining most of the time on 21% oxygen on the SiPAP, so I am predicting that they will attempt lesser respiratory support such as a CPAP next week, don't know just guessing. 


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