Friday, February 25, 2011

Nothing But Good! Day 13 and 14!

I am really sorry for not posting yesterday, I was just super sleepy and really didn't have it in me to upload and mess with any pictures. Today's post covers the updates of Feb 24 and 25. 
Look at that boys weight go. He is really starting to take off with his weight, we are so very excited to see this steady increase. I would guess it because his breast milk feeding are everyday being increased. He is currently receiving 4ml of breast milk every 3 hours. He is tolerating the amount very well and as long as this continues they will increase 1 ml each day. A question was answered today and that was when will Calen be taken off the TPN and lipids that are infusing in his PICC line? The answer is that he has to be tolerating 80ml of breast milk every 24 hours. He is currently getting 32ml every 24 hours. That is really exciting, in possibly 6 days he could be off IV feeding and strictly on breast milk. So lets pray that Calen does not have any set backs, they only feed him when he is doing well, if they have to do test, or give him blood, or pretty much anything, they always stop feeding so it slows the process. They also increased his caffeine levels today, he still is having apnic spells, they made some changes on his SiPAP from getting 10 breaths a minute to 15 breaths a minute, hope this helps all his breathing issues. At any rate though he is doing amazing for his size, he will have held out and be breathing on his own for 2 weeks tomorrow. 

This was today the 25th of February, Holly was getting ready to hold Calen and the nurse and respiratory therapist were getting everything unhooked and doing all the needed things to get him out of the incubator. She said that she got to hold him today for 3 hours. That is a record. His temperature's were doing great, his vitals were more than steady so the longer the better. She quit at 3 hours because she was really starting to get uncomfortable from sitting in the same spot for so long. 

After he was placed back in his incubator from being held by mom they wrapped him all up and got him comfortable and gave him his mommy smelling bear to snuggle with. He really likes to move that hand up over his face a lot. We got an official result on Calen's brain ultrasound and the scale is normally 1-4, 1 being a spot of blood and 4 a lot of blood. They said his official results was "0". Yeah, they found absolutely no evidence of any bleeding. They said that he had some layering, I am thinking this has something to do with the shape of the skull, really don't know, but they said it was nothing that really made any difference. He potentially may have to have another brain ultrasound later down the road. 

Another day down in the NICU. Thank you for everyone's continued support that is getting us all through this day by day. 

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