Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ultrasounds Galore! Day 11!

Calen 's weight is starting to look like I want it to, a nice upward curve. I just got here (the hospital) a few minutes ago. I had to attend a meeting today at work, Holly and Susan spent the early part of the day with him today and were here for his test. When I walked in there was a lot of people in Calen's room, a couple of nurses, respiratory therapist, and Holly and Susan. Everything was was fine, they were just trying to get Calen's SiPAP fixed because a sonagragher had had kinda knocked it cockeyed. 

Quickly updating from yesterday, Calen at birth had a very small patent ductus arteriosis (PDA), this problem really was not important. During assessment it was realized that he had a increasing audible murmur so they did a repeat ultrasound of his heart. The results were back today and he does have a larger PDA. The treatment starts with medicine, Indomethacin three times a day and they have started him on that today. He will receive an ultrasound of his heart again tomorrow to check to see if the medicine is helping close the hole or not. Today he had another ultrasound, this time it was a routine ultrasound of his head/brain. They are checking to see if he had any bleeds and if he did what is the extent of them. Bleeding in the brain is a leading factor in long term problems such as cerebral palsy and learning disabilities. We won't know any preliminary reports until this evening so it might be tomorrow before we get an actual report from them, however the sonagragher hinted that there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Holly was checking his temperature and Calen yawned. Temperature's checking is pretty boring so I can understand how he feels. They said he was pretty feisty today, trying to pull his tubes out and when I came in he had his eye's open a lot. The nurse was checking his blood pressure right after there was a bunch of people in the room, and it was up because of all the excitement. At this very moment we are all waiting patiently because Holly does not want to leave until she gets to hold him, so we are waiting for his temperature to increase so that we can do that.

There he is with his eyes open wide. He had his little legs all stretched out too. 

Quick picture of Calen when they removed his gear. The nurse's arms are in there trying to get him adjusted. He has to be rotated every couple hours just like a bed ridden patient to help prevent skin breakdown. He does have some redness developing on his nose that they are paying attention to, it is being caused by the SiPAP mask putting constant pressure on the bridge of his nose. 

Horray the day can be complete. Holly got to hold Calen, that makes her happy and hopefully makes him happy too. I had Holly drop his blankets down real quick so I could snap of picture of him lying on her.It truly is precious. 

That is all till tomorrow. Goodnight!

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  1. Hi just wanted to say that your pictures are beautiful and that I will keep you family in my prayers. I recently had a premature baby girl named Isabella born one day before your baby boy Calen on february 11th 2011 at 24 weeks. Everyday is a struggle and I just thank god for giving her the strength to fight. just stay positive and prayer that's what keeps me going and seeing my beautiful baby girl every single day. It's great that u get to hold ur baby boy. Wishing you and your family all the best and if you'd like to be in contact my email address is drix1211@yahoo.com I'm always looking for people to talk to that's going through a tough time like me and my family... Keeping your family in my prayers