Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daddy Gets His Chance to Hold Calen Day 7

 After a very long day at work I finally got to Miami Valley Hospital at like 9:15pm. Holly's sister had dropped her off there and I was then going to take us back home after visiting with Calen for a while. I did get my chance to hold him tonight which was so awesome but I will talk about that when I actually post this blog tomorrow. I am very sleepy it is pushing 1am and we are getting up early to head back to Miami Valley because we want to see Calen and tomorrow is Joey's 2nd Birthday, so we need to get back ensure that everything for his party is set up and spend the day with him. I will post today's full post as well as tomorrow's from the NICU sometime late morning.

 He is up 0.5oz today which is awesome, we are starting to head in the right direction. He is currently receiving 2ml of breast milk into his feeding tube every 3 hours. The breast milk pumps in over 2 hours then it stops for 1 hour, the nurses aspirate the fluid from his stomach to see if it is being absorbed or staying in there to determine if feeding's should continue or be held. At this point he is doing great and they continue to increase his dose.  

I got to hold Calen for the very first time. Holly has been able to hold him twice so of course I was pretty jealous. I got my self all ready to go and the nurse put him on me. I am apparently not hot enough though cause he cried several times, he did take his pacifier a couple times. He needs to maintain temp while out of the incubator, at least 97.5F, but when we checked his temp it was 96.9, so after only about 15 short minutes he had to go back into the incubator. It as okay though we will do it again, hopefully Sunday. 

Calen has been super strong all these day's, he will be 1 week old tomorrow. He has not required a vent, which is so awesome. Right when we started to pack up to head home he began to have periods of bradycardia (slow heart rate). It was dropping into the 90's he should be around 160. They tried arousing him several times to stimulate him to breath deep and therefore recover his heart rate. It was working extremely temporarily and so the nurse started to suction out his nose and then they deep suctioned him to pull up any secretions down low in his airway so that it would increase his ability to breath. It worked, his heart rate was coming back up and staying up as we were leaving. Such a simple problem, to bad he can't just blow his nose. They also placed him up on his side, to help raise his heart rate, take some of the weight off his lungs. He remains stable and his weight is actively rising, we are extremely excited about that. 

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