Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the NICU Day 2

This morning around 10am Holly got up out of bed for the first time and was wheeled to the NICU, this will be the first time that she gets to actually see Calen up close and touch him so she is excited. She is very tired and she is getting much more rest today than she has all week. 

Calen is spending today under a low power ultraviolet light to help with his bilirubin, he has an increase in that causing some jaundice which is completely typically in premature babies. He was moving a lot today in the incubator, he was stretching out his arms and hands. He remains on CPAP today and is doing very well. We meet with the doctor today and at this time their is no plan to change anything because he is doing well and getting along so they are going to just monitor him.

Holly got to reach in and touch him today. The nurses left the room and it was our first time actually alone with him. He experiences some apnea at times which is normal for premature babies and sometimes you have to reach in and kinda rub him so he remembers to breath. I did it one time and then he did it again so Holly reach in and aroused him up so he would breath. It was like really unusual to touch him though, it really is like nothing is there, he is so fragile and thin, I really can't wait till we get the chance to actually hold him. 

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  1. Tim, these are really amazing photos. Our prayers are with you, Holly, Joey, Calen and Calen's doctors and nurses. Dave and I are on Skype as well so if you would like to contact us that way just send me a private msg on fb and I will get you our screen names. Calen is beautiful. Give Holly a big hug for Dave and I. Love to all of you. Dave and Debi.