Monday, February 21, 2011

Stable!Day 10

Calen's weight shows some increase today. I really didn't know why his weight was down to begin with but I think I learned the reason why today. Yesterday they checked his caffeine level and it was a bit high, so today they have decreased his caffeine level, but I think it is the caffeine that causes his weight to fluctuate,  have no idea the rationale behind this but that seems to be the reason. The caffeine is given to him intravenously in order to keep him stimulated to breath, well at least aids in that effort

. I was hoping to be here when they gave him blood but we missed it, they ended up giving it to him through the night. So now that the blood is in he should be able to resume getting feeding's of breast milk tomorrow. 

So Calen apparently has dad all figured out. The first thing I do when I come in his room is take a picture of him and the above is what I got from him today. I mean come on is he really going to be that camera shy with me. It was super cute though, I am pretty glad he did that. So if you look at the bottom of the picture right beside the orange tube there is a little light blue pad with tape around it, that is his IV. They had to start a peripheral line for the blood administration, it's a 24 gauge needle that they started in his right arm. I learned that the catheters to the PICC lines are just to small to use, nor can they draw blood from them because they will get clogged up to easy. 

Here he is again. He was letting his arm drop down giving me some access. He is such a strong baby. He continues at the same settings on his SiPAP. They are pulling him out of the incubator right now to do the kangaroo hold with Holly. Today is his bath day so that may dictate how long she gets to hold him because of temperature issues. We will see as time goes by. Holly is doing most of the holding, He needs a lot of heat and a place to cuddle and I just can't easily provide that, plus I can't hold still for more than 2 minutes, so it is really difficult to hold a baby when he is connected to a bunch of stuff and you can't move or take a break, cause a break means back in the incubator and once he is back in he is not coming back out, it takes like 10 minutes to get all his cords situated and his machines in place to move, plus 2 staff members, it a lot of work. Of course for us, it is all worth the effort. 

The sonagrapher who came in to do Calen's ultrasound, she is the same one who did his first one. They were doing the second one to recheck his ductus arteriosis that was small and not a problem on the first ultrasound, but he has developed a more significant murmur that they are investigating. I will hopefully post tomorrow what the results are. 

The three of us at the hospital with Holly holding Calen. It's his first family picture, unfortunate at this time Joey can not join us, I thought about doing one where I photoshop him into the picture. 

Goodbye everyone, enjoy the ice falling on Darke county!

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